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Wrath of the Phantom Army
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Brah Ling and Calling the Souls



Khmer Cultural and Educational Activities
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Banteay Chmar Fundraising Event-Tokyo String Quartet

Banteay Chmar's South Causeway Restoration
Ancestors of Angkor Exhibition

Memot Center of Archaeology and Museum

Kok Thlok Performing Troupe

Signage and Labels for the National Museum of Cambodia

Torp Chey Kiln Discovery
Royal Ballet Exhibition at National Museum


Udaya is the leading scholarly journal of Khmer culture and art. Its name, meaning “rising sun,” with its implication of dawn and rebirth, symbolizes the reemergence of Khmer scholarship after decades of civil unrest. First published in 2000, the journal attempts to study the cultural past of Cambodia and to represent as well the current thinking about multiple aspects of Khmer society. Embracing articles by international and rising young Khmer scholars in English, French and Khmer, Udaya is the voice of a new generation while offering a forum for renewed engagement with the past.

Since 2005, Udaya has been published by FOKCI. Each year, a single issue is published.

Issue I, 2000
Issue II, 2001
Issue III, 2002
Issue IV, 2003
Issue V, 2004
Issue VI, 2005

Issue VII
, 2006
Issue VIII
, 2007
Issue IX
, 2008

Inquiries about subscriptions or single issues may be sent to